Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Marry Me: Rachel and Jason {Olympia Wedding Photography}

I love my job!!  This summer I've been invited to attend a wedding almost every weekend, capturing the love of family, friends and of course, the bride and groom.  And while each wedding is special, it is always fun to be part of a wedding where lots of people offer their time and talent.  (You know...an aunt does the flowers, a good friend does the bride's makeup, still other people bake and frost the cookies that will be served....).  At weddings like that, the air is different.  The love is a little thicker.  Perhaps because so many people have a vested interest or perhaps because their service speaks an affirmative "this-is-so-good", weddings where lots of people pitch in and help are a delight to photograph.

And last Saturday I had the privilege of attending such a wedding....

You might remember Jason and Rachel from their engagement session.  They brought the fun (and love) of that engagement session with them to the wedding!  
 The Schmidt House - a beautiful, historic property - made an amazing backdrop for this celebration.

Everything about Rachel was beautiful!  I loved the classic, yet a little vintage, choices she made to give the day her own flair.  (And the LONG veil was one of my favorites!)

I took a picture of both Jason and Rachel right before they went out for their first look...and I just like how these pictures look next to each other!

Jason is an avid sailor, but evidently he is also kind of crafty too!  He made this little box for the ring bearer to carry...each side contains a word that is important to this couple.  (Laugh, Love, Cherish, Honor).

Ahh..the first look....

Now this is the Rachel and Jason I remember from the engagement session!!  No, he is not saying YUCK to her kisses, but rather to having lipstick all over him!

There was just something about this picture that I had to post it.  As I was photographing the two of them, sometimes I would look at Jason and say "OK...you're out", meaning I just wanted to photograph Rachel for a minute.  Evidently this was an "out" time for him!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this set!!   Jason starts with her pinky finger and kissed his way up her arm until he got to her neck!! 

But never fear....along with the laughter came lots of more serious moments too!

Now, I know the bride is usually the star of the show, but Rachel had a little competition.  This bundle of sweetness called a flower girl had so much personality!!  (So much in fact that I probably have enough silly pictures of her to fill a photo album!!)  However...as the bridal party stood there, I told Rachel and Jason to kiss.  Actually, what I said was "you guys go ahead and kiss"....and you can see little Miss S got to thinking.

(Can you see her thinking now???)

I think I should have been more specific.  She thought "alright, this lady told me to kiss"....but unfortunately the ring bearer was just not really in the mood!

Rachel had a few special moments with her dad....and how could I not put them in for you to see?

Behind the scenes, they exchanged gifts and then their bridal party gathered around to pray for them.  (And look who joined the praying?!?!  I told you....she was the second star of the show!)

Details....details....Rachel decorated the tables on the front lawn with pictures from their engagement session, pencils, paper on which people could write to them, and those great rocks!  At the ceremony there were fans and sunscreen...and boy am I glad they had those!!  (They were totally needed!!)
A couple of unique details...for a guest book they used a piece of wood that will become the inside lid of a chest Jason is building (told you he was crafty!) AND instead of cake, they had cookies.  If I have the story correct, Rachel's parents used to own a cookie shop and they decided to serve up all the varieties that were sold in the store.  

The ceremony was officiated by Rachel's uncle who I think qualifies for the guest who came the farthest for their wedding...he came from Australia!

(Don't worry about Jason...I think he was just letting us know he was "down for the count"!)

During the ceremony, Rachel and Jason really "tied the knot".  Instead of a unity candle, they chose to symbolize their two lives becoming one with a traditional square (sailing) knot.

The reception was sweet and simple...a garden lunch out on the lawn.  A little dancing, a few toasts, and cake cookie "cutting" and they were off to their honeymoon!

Well...they were ALMOST off.  They gave me an extra 30 minutes at a local park.  So glad they did!!

Rachel and Jason...Saturday was a beautiful event!!  It was so full of love, friends, family and classic elegance.  Thank you for inviting me!!  I wish you all the best in your life together!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and love the dialogue.

C/M/G said...

Such a beautiful day and wonderful couple! Thanks for helping us remember the joy!

Amy Kaylor Photography said...

Gorgeous and I love the different processing you did as well.