Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yoga On The Beach {Federal Way Buisness Photography}

This year was the 11th year for Three Trees Yoga to do Yoga on the Beach.  Jeni once again ordered up beautiful weather (I will have to figure out how she does that!) and many people joined her to do yoga in the sunshine.  This year her "theme" was the four elements - earth, water, wind and fire - so I thought I'd start with my photographic interpretations of each of those...



Wind...(one of the eagles down by the water)

Fire...(the sunshine counts as that, doesn't it?)

Jeni always does an amazing job of leading everyone in the practice!

And this year she did more group poses, like this one for two.

Or this one for...well, everyone who was there (about 40 people)!!

Afterward, there was a small concert give by Rob and Melissa Lundsgaard.  I totally enjoyed their music!!

It was wonderful to be serenaded while feeling the cool wind on our backs and watching the beautiful sunset!!

Next year I hope you will join us!!  It is a wonderful time!



Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Thank you for capturing our wonderful practice

Anonymous said...

Exilharating experience!!
Not to be missed.
Thank you 3 Trees !!