Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Family at Play {Seattle Family Photography}

One of my greatest privileges is to get to photograph a family at play.  It may be at the fair, at the beach or even just at their house...but families at play always make me smile.  (Maybe because I have so many times, as a mom, when I wish someone were there to take my family's picture - with me in it!!!)

So I headed up to Seattle the other day to spend a couple of house with the C Family...
I was greeted by the youngest member of the family, J.  She showed me around the garden (those flowers smell like chocolate!!!) and around her playhouse.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! there are two pictures in this post I would normally now put up.  Their points of focus are off, but I think they tell a story nonetheless.  The first is this one...
Evidently I was having trouble tracking Miss J, but I think the tongue out and feet off the ground show her determination!!

Oh...this was fun to capture!!  A hula-hooping family....some were REALLY good at it and well, we'll just say that others should not quit their day jobs to go into the hula-hooping competitive circuit!!

Unlike her sister, Miss B here was a little slower to be excited about being photographed, but once she showed me what she really loved, there was no stopping her!

Again...(I know the focus is off!!) but B was spinning round and round and round and each time she would pass me, her smile got bigger and bigger!!  I think the image still tells the story!

Nothing like a little tickling, steamrolling and all around fun while doing family pictures!

There was even time for a snack!

One thing I do have to say....B loves animals!  Those animals love her...and they loved the little bit of peanut butter she had on her face!!

C Family....thank you for having me out again to photograph you!!  It was wonderful to see you and get to see your girls (one year older) through my camera!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Class of 2012 - Spencer {Graham Senior Photography}

I got to hang out with this handsome guy and his mom the other Spencer!! 

Check out those BLUE eyes!!

Spencer trekked with me all over the beach, over fences, under bridges, down alleyways and beside garbage dumpsters.  And all the while he kept his sense of humor and great attitude!!

Love this picture below...he joked that this was his jail picture!  I told him, in no uncertain terms,  this is the only kind of jail picture he will ever have!!

It was great to hang out with you and photograph you, Spencer!  Best of luck this school year!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Class of 2012: Morgan {Graham Senior Photography}

Photographed this gorgeous girl the other Morgan!

Not only is she so totally beautiful, but she is involved in competition rifle stuff (that is my technical word!).  Beautiful AND strong....she is the poster girl for what every young woman should be!

I think Morgan loves the outdoors, big grassy fields and barns....the whole setting suited her.

When I first spoke to her mom on the phone, she told me Morgan looked a little like Kate Middleton.  Now I thought maybe that was just a mama talking, but when I was with her I can totally see why her mom said that!  

A girl and her could I resist?

Morgan....Tyra Banks would be proud!!  I do believe I see a little "smeyesing" going on!

May your senior year be filled with great memories and delight!!  It will be an honor to photograph you again in the Spring!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nine Ten Eleven {Federal Way Baby Photography}

On September 10th, 2011 (9.10.11) I got a new next door neighbor!  The only problem with this neighbor is that he wasn't supposed to arrive until the end of October....

So instead of walking next door to see him, I headed to the hospital to say hello....

I love little body parts!!  (Holding mom's hand....the first of many, many times!)

I hope these little feet run in my yard all summer long....some year.

And this little nose can come smell my flowers any day.

Oh yeah...this lady lives next door too!  I think Zac's mom is just beautiful!!

Only 10 days old and he gave us a little smile.  (OK, I know it isn't REAL....but I choose to believe he is just so happy to see me!  Oh Zac, learn to get used to me and my camera because you will see me a lot!!)

All three of my next door neighbors...Let's get you fully back into your house SOON!!  (Partly for your sake...and a lot for Mikaela's sake...she is ready to babysit!!)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

In Living Color {Tacoma Family Photography}

One of my most adventurous families called me the other day and wondered if I wanted to meet them at the Puyallup Fair for a {very colorful} photo shoot.  How could I pass that up?

One of the problems of coming to the fair as a little guy is that there are not many rides you can get on.  Elliot was just a little too short for most rides, but when we did find one he could climb on, he had a ton of fun!

Of course, who needs rides when there are all sorts of other great attractions at the this musical contraption.  Who doesn't want to make a ton of noise while hitting things with a stick?

There are always animals to see...and kiss!!  (Elliot is making the sign for "bird" in the picture on the right!)

Hands to wash....

...and boots to put on, because.....


And would any trip to the Fair be complete without food?  We decided to forgo the deep fried butter and opted for corn instead.  I think it was a hit!

He liked the corn so much, he was not about to give it up....not even to walk through puddles!

This was also Elliot's first taste of cotton candy.  He wasn't sure what to do with it at first and thought he didn't like it.  But he caught on quickly...and even still shared some with his mom!

Thank you Backmans!!  I always have a great time with you and I love that you are always up for some sort of craziness!!