Sunday, September 25, 2011

Class of 2012: Morgan {Graham Senior Photography}

Photographed this gorgeous girl the other Morgan!

Not only is she so totally beautiful, but she is involved in competition rifle stuff (that is my technical word!).  Beautiful AND strong....she is the poster girl for what every young woman should be!

I think Morgan loves the outdoors, big grassy fields and barns....the whole setting suited her.

When I first spoke to her mom on the phone, she told me Morgan looked a little like Kate Middleton.  Now I thought maybe that was just a mama talking, but when I was with her I can totally see why her mom said that!  

A girl and her could I resist?

Morgan....Tyra Banks would be proud!!  I do believe I see a little "smeyesing" going on!

May your senior year be filled with great memories and delight!!  It will be an honor to photograph you again in the Spring!!

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