Thursday, September 15, 2011

Do You Have a Few Minutes? {Tacoma Family Photography}

I photographed this family....well, a really long time ago, but our time was cut short by our lovely, watery weather around here.  We finally figured out a time that worked for us all and no kids had broken arms and ventured down to the water for a short family shoot.

What I love is that all these images (and a few more) were taken in just about 30 minutes.  Who says photo sessions need to take a long time?

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this skipping, happy girl!!

I always try to capture each kid by themselves in some way.  After seeing this picture, I guess I shouldn't have asked the young man who JUST got his cast off to go jumping of stuff for me! did make for a good picture though!

Don't you love it when your kids are so well behaved even when you aren't looking??

(Quite possibly my favorite picture of these 5!)

These three kiddos are so much fun to be with.  From feet to fingers, they are just full of joy and delight!

Thanks Campbell family!!  It was fun to see you {really quickly} the other day!!  Thanks for your smiles, your willingness to play and your love for each other!

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