Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Family at Play {Seattle Family Photography}

One of my greatest privileges is to get to photograph a family at play.  It may be at the fair, at the beach or even just at their house...but families at play always make me smile.  (Maybe because I have so many times, as a mom, when I wish someone were there to take my family's picture - with me in it!!!)

So I headed up to Seattle the other day to spend a couple of house with the C Family...
I was greeted by the youngest member of the family, J.  She showed me around the garden (those flowers smell like chocolate!!!) and around her playhouse.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! there are two pictures in this post I would normally now put up.  Their points of focus are off, but I think they tell a story nonetheless.  The first is this one...
Evidently I was having trouble tracking Miss J, but I think the tongue out and feet off the ground show her determination!!

Oh...this was fun to capture!!  A hula-hooping family....some were REALLY good at it and well, we'll just say that others should not quit their day jobs to go into the hula-hooping competitive circuit!!

Unlike her sister, Miss B here was a little slower to be excited about being photographed, but once she showed me what she really loved, there was no stopping her!

Again...(I know the focus is off!!) but B was spinning round and round and round and each time she would pass me, her smile got bigger and bigger!!  I think the image still tells the story!

Nothing like a little tickling, steamrolling and all around fun while doing family pictures!

There was even time for a snack!

One thing I do have to say....B loves animals!  Those animals love her...and they loved the little bit of peanut butter she had on her face!!

C Family....thank you for having me out again to photograph you!!  It was wonderful to see you and get to see your girls (one year older) through my camera!

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Erin McFarland said...

I adore this session Tara!! One of these days I would love to have you do a session just like it for my family! And sometimes being out of focus adds to the moment captured in the that twirling one!