Friday, September 2, 2011

Growing Up....Full of Joy {Seattle Family Photography}

I am so excited I got to photograph these two again!!!  Elliana couldn't be more adorable, energetic and full of joy!!  And Kayla is the perfect mom for this little bundle of energy!! 

I can't believe we got the above picture of Elliana sitting in her mom's lap, because the picture below is probably more of reality!  While I was taking it, Elliana kept saying to her mom, "Go faster, go faster"!!

Did you know Elliana is a princess??  And of course, every princess loves to play in the sand!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! once we got to the swings, we HAD to spend a bunch of time there, because Elliana didn't want to get off!   I love this next set of images.....

(Look at those little toes!!!!)

Out on the beach, there was not one stick or pebble that went unturned!

By the end of our session, I couldn't believe my eyes....I think we saw Elliana run out of her rocket-fuel energy!  Nothing I am sure a good nap didn't cure!!

Kayla and Elliana, I always love being with you two!!  Thanks for letting me hang out with you again....and by the way there are a few more images on the Red Thread Facebook page!!

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mommy baum said...

she's adorable! I love the pics with the sunflower....and the ones in the swing! so fun ;)