Friday, September 16, 2011

Marry Me: Ashlee and Nick {Woodinville Wedding Photography}

If I could sum up last week's wedding in one word, it would be FUN!!  You'll see for yourself, as you look through the images, that Ashlee and Nick love to play....and I love to capture that with my camera!

They got married at the beautiful Bear Creek Country Club in Woodinville.  (Really an amazing venue!)  Ashlee had all her friends and mom there to help her get ready and get into that gorgeous dress.

The handsome groom....waiting for his bride.

But dad got to see her first....


Then Nick had his chance at a first look...

(Yes...she pinched his butt to let him know he could turn around!!  Love it!!)

The one thing I really liked about photographing these two is all the faces they gave me...

Of course, Ashlee was a simply stunning bride.

And it looks like Nick has a bit of a dashing, romantic bent to him!

With a bride and groom this fun, is it any wonder that the bridal party would be a party just waiting to happen?

Guys like cigars....

...girls like flasks of vodka!

Ashlee and Nick chose some beautiful details to adorn the room of the reception.  I especially LOVED the peacock feathers!!

The ceremony began by Nick's dad and Ashlee's step-dad skipping down the aisle together.  What did I tell you about the word FUN???  Even the wedding ceremony had lots of laughter and great expressions!

Just a couple more of the two of them...

I don't think I have ever laughed so hard at a reception.  The toasts were AWESOME!!  

Even in their first dance, these two were playful and fun!

Of course, that was followed by some serious kissing too!

Evidently it is not just guys who like cigars.  I am not sure Nick really wanted to share his with Ashlee but as a good husband, he relented and let her have it!

Ashlee and Nick, it was such a pleasure to photograph your wedding!  I seriously had so much fun...and I seriously had such a difficult time choosing pictures for this post.  There are 100 more I would love to put on here so people could see everything I saw that day!  Best wishes to you two!!


Tina Ebelt said...

STUNNING and amazing, you two are just gorgeous! What a wonderful time we had, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day! Love you both and miss you!!! ~ Tina :)

Amy Kaylor Photography said...

Looks like you captured a super fun day...I could feel the love through your images!!