Thursday, September 1, 2011

Marry Me: Ashley and Ryan {Seattle Wedding Photography}

Ready for another wedding??  This elegant affair took place at the Arctic Club and Blessed Sacrament....and really was an amazing event all around!  Ryan and Ashley looked stunning and the day was filled with friends, fun, lots of references to U-Dub (University of Washington), and laughter.  A special thanks to Chris Maddox for coming up from Arizona to help photograph the wedding (I think it was just an excuse to get out of the Southwest heat)!!!

I really like the "getting ready" part of the wedding!  I get to know the bridesmaids and a little more about the I get one of the first looks at the wedding dress.  Ashley's was just AMAZING!!  And then I get to see the tears that come with the day....below Ashley's mom began to tear up as she helped to put the veil on.  I always wonder just how many memories are running through a mom's mind in that moment!

So...there was an unwritten theme of the day.  Can you guess what it was????  (Can you guess where these two met?)

Ashley was just a gorgeous bride!!


Right before her first look with Ryan, Ashley's dad met her at the bottom of the stairs to get his "first look" and to give her the bouquet.  (Again..I wonder how many thoughts are going through dad's head in that moment!!)

The first look.....

We headed around a bit of the downtown area for a little bit...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture!!

OK...LOVE this one too!  (I love pictures that show a bride savoring her groom's adoration and kisses!!)

One big...and party!!

I tried to get them all walking one at a time in a cross walk, but the line was too long!!  Instead we just caught them being pedestrians on a beautiful Seattle afternoon!

I told you her dress was amazing!!  Wait until you see her coming down the aisle!!

We headed to the church for the ceremony and got a few pictures there before we had to hide Ashley from the arriving guests.

The ceremony was beautiful.  Classic, elegant, but personal too!  And that dress made quite the entrance on that walk she took with dad!

As luck would have it, the bus back to the reception got stuck in typical Seattle gridlock (see top picture on the right), but not to worry....there was lots of fun going on in the bus, including Ryan who was showing us his pole dancing moves!!

Details, details, details....that amazing cake was made by the bride's sister-in-law and the rest of the Dome room was decorated in beautiful pink, white and gold (and each table was "named" after an Elton John song!!)  The details were so well taken care of by Wonderful Life Events!!

However, I have to say the hit of the evening was this great candy bar!!  And I am no statistician but I would say chocolate covered gummy bears were the crowd's top choice!!

How do you capture an evening of emotion, laughter, love and dancing in a few pictures?  Here is my attempt....

Congratulations Ashley and Ryan!!  It was an honor to be invited to your wedding!!  May all your years be as full of celebration (and Husky football) as this one was!!

Check out a few more pictures at Red Thread Images facebook page.....

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