Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nine Ten Eleven {Federal Way Baby Photography}

On September 10th, 2011 (9.10.11) I got a new next door neighbor!  The only problem with this neighbor is that he wasn't supposed to arrive until the end of October....

So instead of walking next door to see him, I headed to the hospital to say hello....

I love little body parts!!  (Holding mom's hand....the first of many, many times!)

I hope these little feet run in my yard all summer long....some year.

And this little nose can come smell my flowers any day.

Oh yeah...this lady lives next door too!  I think Zac's mom is just beautiful!!

Only 10 days old and he gave us a little smile.  (OK, I know it isn't REAL....but I choose to believe he is just so happy to see me!  Oh Zac, learn to get used to me and my camera because you will see me a lot!!)

All three of my next door neighbors...Let's get you fully back into your house SOON!!  (Partly for your sake...and a lot for Mikaela's sake...she is ready to babysit!!)

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