Tuesday, September 13, 2011

To Make Justice a Reality {Seattle Adoption Photography}

When I think about adoption, I imagine a kiss - where Mercy kisses Justice - and the world, even for a moment, is made right.  It is a kiss that changes lives and creates families; an embrace that ends in the word "home".

The other day, down at the courthouse, I saw this first hand...and it is always a sacred moment for me to get to be part of this kind of love!!  It was a fulfillment of a dream....I first met David and Linda at the adoption of another little girl and it is there they first told me about their desire to foster and adopt a child.

On September 9, 2011, that dream came to fruition!  Of course, like all dreams, it is better to have friends and family there to celebrate with you....

As Emily walked hand-in- hand with her dad into the courtroom, I was reminded of something I had written a few years ago at an adoption halfway across the world....(changed a little for this moment)

"As a child was brought into the room and placed in the hands of waiting parents, the room where we stood was transformed into a place where the sweet tenderness of compassion met the strength of the "world-made-right".  It was holy ground....

....a new creation began

....new names were given

...those who did not belong, now had a home

....those who could be forgotten in the system were now wanted and needed desperately

....a baby smiles and parents cry

....she who longed to hold a child called "mine", now rejoiced with full arms!

....yet unknown doors of opportunity swung WIDE open"

And a community of friends and family cheered, smiled, and took LOTS of pictures! 

Little Emily Rose, may you carry the love of this day in your heart all the days of your life.  May you always know you belong to a family and a community who is just wild about you!  And Linda and David, may you be blessed as parents.  Just as you gave your little girl a new name, may you love your new names - "mom" and "dad"!

(The sweet lady who brought Emily to Linda and David.)

Of course, I am pretty sure Emily didn't understand yet the enormity of this day, but I do know that she had fun opening the presents that came her way!

I will end with this - written on the floor of the courthouse.  Sure we saw Justice that day, but we also saw Mercy and those two came together in one mighty, powerful kiss!!


Erin McFarland said...

love this

Kristie said...

That was beautiful!

Linda and David Sherran said...

Thank you for so beautifully capturing our special day in photos and words. You are an incredible artist.
Love, Linda and David

Kayley said...

This truly brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing day.