Monday, October 31, 2011

One More Time {Tacoma Portrait Photography}

I hung out with Scott Krippayne one more time the other day.  I wanted to capture a little more the man and his music...and then just a few more down at the beach too!  

I had the privilege of hearing some of the new songs he is working on....great stuff!!

Down at the beach, I asked him when he learned to skip rocks as a kid.  Not sure he gave me an exact time, but he showed me a little of his talent and I like the way the pictures showed another side of him.

We were laughing because I realized how many serious pictures I had taken of we had to get at least one good smiling picture!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Class of 2012: Tyler {Federal Way Senior Photography}

Meet Tyler.  Very cool, quiet, a guy who likes to read the classics.  We could hang out again...

Love the suit!!

I totally like it when the tide is out!  The boardwalk is a fantastic place!!  I also happen to be partial to Tyler's them!!

Color, color, color...good choice, Tyler!!

Check out Tyler's eyes....such a great piercing color!

Thanks Tyler!  I had a good time hanging out with you the other day.  Check out a few more on the Red Thread Images Facebook Page!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Marry Me: Kayley and Charley {Chelan Wedding Photography}

You've already seen a sneak peek of their wedding, but here is the story of this amazing day....

My second photographer (Renee Bergmen) and I traveled from the Seattle area in the pouring, pouring rain over the pass to Chelan..only to be greeted by beautiful weather, trees ablaze with autumn, and a stunning, relaxed bride who was just a pleasure to photograph!

One thing I have learned from this family (I photographed another wedding for them earlier this year) is that they are WONDERFUL gift givers!! (Umm...Thompson Family...I'd like to be adopted by you, please!)

Kayley was radiant!! From the dress, to her hair, to her shoes, to the veil, she was a picture of elegance and beauty!

(Want a funny story about the garter? It was actually bothering Kayley during the pictures before the wedding and I ended up wearing it on my upper right bicep most of the day. It made me look like I had a very girly sort of way!)


Meet Charley, our handsome groom. Not only is he handsome, but he is patient (since he had to wait for us often!), AND he has a sneaky, fun side to him too (but you'll have to wait until the reception to see that.)

First Look...

When we did their engagement pictures, they brought their dog, Piper, with them....well, we couldn't leave her at home on THIS occasion could we?

The flower girls deserve a page all to themselves. Both of them were so stunning, it was difficult to know who to photograph...bride or these two cuties!!

This was dad's gift to Kayley.....

These two actually met in High School at Eastside Catholic School. The priest from the school was the one who officiated the wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony.

We had a few more minutes for some pictures on the beach, and since the sun was just about perfect...... I have been to A LOT of weddings and this may have been my favorite dessert idea EVER!! Instead of cake or cupcakes, Kayley and Charley had a "sweets" bar, and most of the treats were made by family members!! What a great idea....and the pumpkin cheesecake was to die for!

As Kayley and Charley started to dance, they had a little one come join them. I don't think this sweet pea was too happy that her Uncle Charley was dancing with "another woman". As far as I was told, I think this little miss is so smitten with Uncle Charley. Watch out Kayley!!)

Such sweet moments with Kayley and her dad...then Charley and his mom came on. Their dance started slow and then broke into a musical compilation from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's...and they danced to each one. Wait until you see "Kung Foo Fighting"!!!

The reception was wonderful also (how could it not be?). It was filled with great food, lots of family and friends and some wonderful music and dancing!

Thanks Kayley and Charley!! It was an absolute pleasure to get to photograph your wedding day!!
(For more images, check out the Red Thread Images Facebook Page!!)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Playful Family {Federal Way Family Photography}

I love photographing this family!!  (You can see them here and here also!)  They are always so fun...

(SEE?!?!  What did I tell you?)

When I spend time with a family, I like to photograph them having fun together...with these guys I don't even need to direct them very much.  I just get to photograph what unfolds before me.

Ahhh...a mom and her boy...

Both sets of grandparents were on site to jump into a few pictures, but I HAD to put one in of Great-Grandpa who is 99 years old!!  I love his smile, his laugh, and the joy in his eyes!  (I hope I'll have a similar picture at 99!)

Fall colors are breaking out all around us.  I love it when it seems as though the very trees are ablaze!

Thanks J Family!!  It was a pleasure to photograph you once again!  I so enjoy hanging out with you each year!