Friday, October 21, 2011

Boy...Am I Going to Have Fun with You!! {Federal Way Baby Photography}

I have a new next door neighbor (whom I photographed here)!  He has been home for a couple of weeks now and I was so excited when his mom and grandma brought him over for a quick trip in front of my camera.  Zac isn't even 5 lbs yet.  He is so tiny....and I could just cuddle with him all day long!  (Although I know his mom wishes I would come over and cuddle with him ALL NIGHT long, so she could get some sleep!)

My favorites are above.  Can you see how loose the cocoon is on him?  That should fit a newborn snugly and he is 5 weeks old!

LOVE those lips!!

Mom happens to like Eeyore, so she trekked home and brought him over.  I think Zac likes Eeyore too!

(Mom and Grandma)

Don't all newborns love to be held?  They know when they are in someone's arms...and a joyful peace comes over them.

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