Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Breathe {inspiration for Wednesdays}

Remember back when you had to take a foreign language?  Walking into the class you had your text and notebook, but the one thing everyone wanted to get their hands on was on of the French/English (Spanish/English....insert language here/English) dictionaries.

Do you remember why?  Not because we were all such eager students to master the language but come on....what are the first foreign words that ever motivated you enough to look them up?

Yes, that's right...the swear words!  Didn't we all want to learn how to say off limit words in a different language?  That way, we could say them, use them with an innocent look on our faces and not get caught!

These days there are few more (seemingly) off-limit words I would like to learn.  Problem is, they are in English and the minute I use them it seems people - including myself - get a horrified look on their faces and sputter as though choking on a dry cracker.

These words aren't REALLY off limits, but we use them so infrequently they can be a bit of a shock to our systems.  They are simple words - one or two syllables - easy to pronounce...hard to say.

What are the words?


These words fly in the face of our always busy, always doing, always noisy world.  In the middle of a very busy season right now, I find myself grabbing for them as though reaching for a lifeline.  But oftentimes my reach misses, I can't grab hold and I sink even deeper into the dark churning waters of busy-family-running a business- relationships-social life - maintaining a household-I'm sure there is more I could add to this list- life.

However, just like in my foreign language class, I try to keep practicing the words over and over and over again...until they sound like my native speech.  And also, just like foreign language class...there is discomfort in saying these words and a relearning of how to enunciate clearly, well, and with a loud enough voice for everyone to hear.

May we all learn to say "no, enough, and silence" when we need to.  May we speak those words like native speakers - strongly, yet full of grace.  Until then though, may we practice, practice, practice!

Breathe, smile and go slowly.

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