Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Breathe {inspiration for Wednesdays}

The 14th year of motherhood should be aptly named "the year of eye rolling".  It is the year when our children speak with such conviction and theatrics that our parental eyes are always rolling back as our heads shake ever so slightly....and we let out that all too familiar deep sigh of exasperation.

In Starbucks the other day, my 14 year old (oh-so-accurate?!?) historian was recounting a tale when I felt my eyes tilt heavenward to assume their rolling position.  I couldn't help was as though the drama and inaccuracy of the words pushed my eyes onto higher ground.

All of a sudden, she looked at me, pointed her index finger in my northward facing eyes and declared, "I am delightful!!  My middle name should be delightful!  Don't forget that!!"

I stared at her, my eyes transfixed - almost mesmerized - by the truth she had just spoken.  My eyes backed down, unable to roll, for they had encountered not a thespian monologue but an underlying pillar of life.  In front of me sat a 14 year old sage...who was brave enough to verbalize what so many of us never dare to even whisper.

"I am delightful" is perhaps less a declaration than a question - a hopeful wondering of how we are perceived.  It is the inquiry of us pedestrians on this terrestrial ball.  Does someone find me delightful?  Can I captivate you with just who I am?  The question is not "am I functional?" or "what do I contribute?" or "am I good enough at _____?"  No...the question is simply, AM I DELIGHTFUL?

Funny, how a 14 year old has the bravery to speak something her 40 year old mother doesn't.  But with eyes square on her (not even one degree of tilt), I had to say that it is true.  It is true about her and it is true about all of us.  You ARE delightful...because you are made by God and He delights in you!

Sure...He sees all your sugar and spice, but He also sees all the mess, hurt and confusion, and He still takes delight in you and smiles.  He doesn't even roll His eyes....not even once!!  (Not even when you act like a 14 year old!!)

May we all stop for a moment, close our eyes, breathe, and imagine God's smile on us.  May we enjoy that smile.  May we all know we are delightful to Him.

Breathe, smile and go slowly.

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