Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Bundle of Energy {Bonney Lake Family Photography}

Wow!!  I forgot how much energy toddlers have....and how much a photo session with one means going from activity to activity!  I got to photograph this little bundle of energy (and his parents) last week.  So much fun!!

The original thought was to get this little guy out feeding the chickens, but he was done with that in about half a second and the chickens were not sure they enjoyed being chased!

Lots of trucks....

He didn't want to ride in the Jeep...just wanted to push it AND fix it.  (Does he know something about Jeeps that I don't know?!?!)

In the garage, there is this AMAZING Corvette.  I think this little guy is going to be a car kind of guy!

A moment to snuggle....

...and he's off again!

I think we finally tired him out.  I think mom and dad were probably tired too!

Hey, V Family, it was wonderful to photograph you and capture some real family moments!!

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