Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Class of 2012: Alex {Tacoma Senior Photography}

I love it when someone REALLY brings their personality with them to a photoshoot!!  Alex was one of those people.  From his clothing choices to his skateboard, his personality exploded onto each image.

Mom was not totally sure about the tie dye shirt, but I think it works and adds a bit of fun!

When Alex first put on this shirt, I think I gave him a VERY puzzled look.  He then explained to me..."you know how people wear t-shirts with certain college names on them?"  I guess he just wanted one that said College!!   I LOVE it!!!

Now I have had one other young man wear his suit for his senior pictures....

....but Alex is the first one to skateboard IN his suit!!

I love the picture to the right....very GQ.

I thought we were done after the skateboarding, but Alex was willing to run across the street with me and get just a couple of pictures on a train....which of course, we would never be anywhere we were not supposed to be....uh...sort of.

Alex...I totally had a great time photographing you!  I can honestly say I had so much fun!  Thank you so much!  I wish you much luck for this year and beyond!

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Lisa Lombardo said...

I've been waiting for the skateboarder! Such a great set, Tara!!!