Friday, October 14, 2011

Just the Three of Us...Plus One More {Puyallup Family Photography}

I met this family last year when their daughter was playing volleyball with mine.  I was so excited to get to photograph them that we had them over for dinner afterward!  I am not sure which I enjoyed more...getting to watch them laugh and play as a family or hanging out over dinner!  (Glad I got to do both!)

I love that, in spite of her "teenage-ness" Gressa still loves mom and dad very much...and is willing to be affectionate.

Mom and Dad  love each other very much too...I love that they always do this just before they kiss!

Three different takes on a family picture...can you see Mom and Dad in the last one?

Gressa is just stunning!!  No more needs to be said.

So the family secret is that Dad always has his eyes closed when they go to a studio to get his picture taken.  We obviously opted for the non-studio shots, but still caught some sort of eye thing going on.

Take a good look...this girl is going to be a volleyball star someday!

And though they thought they were a family of three...really that ball (and the game) is the fourth member of their family.  It keeps them together as a family - in the car, at the gym, at tournaments, and well, almost everywhere!

Thanks E Family!!  I loved photographing you!  You are one amazing family!

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