Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Little Souvenir From South America {Kirkland Baby Photography}

I photographed this amazing couple last year and got to witness the beginning of their love story together.  A few months after the wedding, they took off on an amazing adventure...a few weeks in South America.  It just so happens I got to photograph one of their "souvenirs" the other day!

Hudson Alexander was born on September 24...and he couldn't be more precious!

Smiled upon by dad....

....snuggled with....

...adored by Mom.

I have to brag on this little guy a little...he is the first baby I have ever photographed that slept through the ENTIRE session!!  He just let us take his clothes off and move him all around...amazing!!

(These little birds adorn his room now, but they first decorated Mom and Dad's wedding reception.)

Perhaps the cutest pumpkin in the patch!

So...Hudson's dad played football in college for some obscure team called The Irish :)  I think Notre Dame would be proud of their newest possible player...he is such a good fit in the helmet!


Jen and Chris...he is amazing!!  Thanks for letting me come out and photograph him....and give him a few little cuddles too!!

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