Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Local Artist {Tacoma Portrait Photography}

He is unassuming and humble, an introvert who likes quiet places....which is funny because his career puts him in front of thousands of people, in auditoriums full of loud music!  I had the pleasure of hanging out with music artist Scott Krippayne the other day and getting to photograph both "sides" of him!

A little bit of fun and grunge (I just love the background!)...just so he can remind his kids that their dad still has a lot of cool in him!!  (An idea to which Scott would say he is not cool but that's OK....alright, you need to know his lyrics!!)

A bit more of the pensive, thoughtful side of him...

Scott is working on a new project right now.  Don't want to give anything away, but since some of the songs are about sticking in there with love - even when it is difficult, I thought this was an appropriate picture!

I had a great time with this husband, dad, songwriter, Jesus-follower, coffee-lover, thoughtful, artist-musician.  In fact I had so much fun, we did another shoot this morning...this time in his studio.  Watch for more pictures to come...and until then, check out his music!

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