Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Playful Family {Federal Way Family Photography}

I love photographing this family!!  (You can see them here and here also!)  They are always so fun...

(SEE?!?!  What did I tell you?)

When I spend time with a family, I like to photograph them having fun together...with these guys I don't even need to direct them very much.  I just get to photograph what unfolds before me.

Ahhh...a mom and her boy...

Both sets of grandparents were on site to jump into a few pictures, but I HAD to put one in of Great-Grandpa who is 99 years old!!  I love his smile, his laugh, and the joy in his eyes!  (I hope I'll have a similar picture at 99!)

Fall colors are breaking out all around us.  I love it when it seems as though the very trees are ablaze!

Thanks J Family!!  It was a pleasure to photograph you once again!  I so enjoy hanging out with you each year!

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