Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Breathe {Inspiration for Wednesdays}

Funny...I was wondering what I should write about today, when a friend of mine called a few minutes ago.  Actually, her 5 year old called, declared she wanted to get a present for my daughter and asked what I thought M would like.  After I gave her a few ideas (don't want to list them here, just in case that girl of mine reads this!) the little girl put her mom on the phone.  At that, my friend (we'll call her A), told me the story...

A had gone to visit her grandmother, now in a nursing home, a few weeks back.  As they came to the end of their visit, A's grandma wanted to give her something.  Of course, she is not allowed to have a lot of things, and especially valuable things, living where she lives - just in case they go missing.  But A's grandma opened a drawer and in it was a ziploc bag within which was a Hershey Bar and $40.  She handed it to A, despite protests, and was adamant about A taking it as a gift.

After she left, A called her dad and expressed to him how guilty she felt about taking grandma's money.  She didn't really need it, and was sure grandma needed it much more!  But A's dad told her to take it, and to teach her kids something through it.

A came home and began to tell her kids a story.  It was a story about a grandma who had always been generous and still was.  A story about how her generosity taught her son (A's dad) to be generous and in turn, that son taught his daughter lessons in generosity.  It was a story about seeds planted in the soil of a family, and how they had grown multiple times over so that now generosity was part of the native landscape of the family.

A explained to her kids that even though she was given this money from her grandma, she didn't really think it was hers.  She explained to them that it was for each of them....each would get $10 to buy a gift for someone else.  And thus, she began watering the seeds of generosity for a new generation.

May we all practice generosity this week - whether we do it from a family culture that has taught us to be generous or whether we are planting fresh seeds in our own lives and families.  May we water that generosity so it grows and grows still more.  And may we reap the harvest of abundance that a generous life brings.

Breathe, smile and go slowly.

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Linda said...

Wow Tara.... what a perfect time of year to have written this. Thank you!