Friday, November 11, 2011

Class of 2012: Katie {Spanaway Senior Photography}

Meet Katie...lovely and loving...and pretty drop dead gorgeous too!

(Remember Emily from yesterday?  Katie is her younger sister...and I got to photograph both of them at the same time!)

 Love this picture on our version of the "Spanish steps"...with some little signs of fall adorning the descent!  Katie gets my vote for "most able to pretend like she is warm when it is really pretty darn cold outside"! 


OK...what can I say?  Katie, I love the jeans!!  That color looks amazing on you, and well...what can I even say about your eyes?  I think the picture on the right is my favorite!

The thing I loved about Katie was that I got to see not only a beautiful girl on the outside, but she has a pretty deep inner beauty as well.  Her love for her family is obvious and she knows where she is headed in the future, which gives her a quiet confidence (now there is a glimpse of beauty!).

Katie, thanks for asking me to take some of your senior pictures!  It was an absolute pleasure to photograph you!

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