Monday, November 7, 2011

You Say It's Your Birthday {University Place Family Photography}

What better to do on your sixth birthday than go out in chilly weather and get photographed with your family??   I got to photograph this little cutie and her family the other day.  They were super fun and very brave to head out in our fall-but-it-feels-like-the-doorstep-of-winter weather!!

I learned a few of things on this session....six year old's are very bouncy...babies do not last long in cold weather....and Arby's is a coveted place to go for a birthday lunch!

This is the birthday girl's little happy!!  (But I think we wore her out by the end!)'s sleeping!!

Thanks I Family...I had so much fun photographing you and your beautiful girls!  You were amazing to brave the chill!  I hope everyone went home and had a big cup of birthday hot chocolate!

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