Sunday, December 18, 2011

What To Do???

Rumor has it that some of you have NOT done your holiday cards yet!  I've thought and thought about it, but the execution has been lacking.  Plus, you really wanted a good picture of your family to be the masterpiece of this year's chronicle of adventures, right?  But you couldn't pull everyone together, and now it feels too late.

Not to worry!!  First of all, I say start a new tradition!  Why send your cards when everyone else is?  Why not wait until the dust settles and send a picture/note to friends and family in January (say, as a New Year's Card), February (Valentine's anyone? or this year a "Happy Leap Year" Card!), or March (a "we're so happy Spring is around the corner" card). might want to try to take the picture while everyone is together over the next few days!  So here are a few of my favorite tips for a good family picture:

1.  Make Sure Everyone is Comfortable - in other words, keep it relaxed and informal.  As cute as everyone may be all dressed up, someone is bound to be grumpy because of it.  Better to have good attitudes in blue jeans (or jammies) than fake smiles in suits.  Just saying...
(no better time for a family picture - of the kids - than Christmas morning!)
2.  Do Something - kids (and dads) like getting their picture taken SO much better when they are doing something.  Hold hands while taking a walk, maybe a picture of everyone riding their bike (don't run over the kind photographer!), or for that Leap Year picture, why not jump?

3.  Don't Worry About Eye Contact - I know we all like a good look-at-me picture, but when it comes to kids (and parents) sometimes it is totally impossible to have everybody making eye contact with the camera.  Maybe look at each other?  It will make it seem like you like each other and will probably have you cracking up too!

4.  Trade - ask a neighbor to come over and take your family picture and then do the same for them.  Last year I set the camera on our garbage can and used the timer.  Garbage can....neighbor...whichever is closer!

5.  Get Outside - natural light is so much nicer and flattering than the harsh glare of the flash.  Go outside...even if it is cold.  If it is, you can all snuggle together to keep warm and it may be your favorite family picture yet.

6.  Fake It - if you absolutely CANNOT get a picture of the family, go to Target and buy a picture frame with some good looking family in it.....JUST KIDDING!!

Here is our Christmas card from this year. fancy eye contact....trying to blow bubbles....traded (a friend of mine took the pictures)....and outside. 

May your Holidays be wonderful!!

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