Friday, December 14, 2012

Sorrow {Breathe}

This image conveys what I feel like today.  I am bewildered by the events that took place in Connecticut.  My heart is saddened for those families and for what that community has lost.  
Sometimes in life, there are no explanations or answers. 
Sometimes all that can be done is to bury our heads in our hands.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Turkey...Take One {My Adventures}

Somebody reminded me the other day that they had not seen many pictures from my trip to Turkey (back in September), and I realized I got so busy with seniors, families and babies, I forgot to post some of the trip on the blog.  Now, you need to know there are over 800 images that made the final cut, so I obviously can't show them all, but I'll show some highlights in three different posts.  

This is Turkey...Take One.

I went out early one morning to get some images of Istanbul before all the crowds arrived.  It may have been my favorite time.  The city was so quiet and was slowly coming alive with the sunrise.

The Blue Mosque

There are cats and fountains everywhere in Istanbul.

Hagia Sophia was an amazing place!  The enormity of the building constructed in 537AD is overwhelming and the interior is just breathtaking.  They say you could fit Notre Dame inside the central area...or that the Statue of Liberty (without her torch) could do jumping jacks there.  Pretty impressive for architects who didn't have our "modern" machines.

The underground cistern...

As we walked around Istanbul, I was hoping to capture some of the people, but had to be careful of their privacy.  Most did not want their pictures taken...but I snapped a few with little to no faces showing.  These were taken in and around the Spice Market and the Grand Bizarre.

The food, the colors and the smells were all so very present to the senses.  It was intoxicating!

This bridge attaches two continents...Europe to Asia.  Since Istanbul is built on both the European and Asian continents it really is a blend of east and west.

We took a boat ride down the Bosphorus and ended up here at this fortress overlooking the Black Sea.  We even hiked up to the fortress which felt like 90 miles uphill!!

Upon our return from our cruise up the Bosphorus, we headed to the Galata Bridge and the Galata Tower.

First, let me say that a trip up the Tower is not for the faint of heart.  It is not too high, but everyone is cramming onto a circular balcony ledge and trying to make their way all the way around.  There was no one checking to see how many people were in this small space, and though I am not a fearful person, I am pretty sure that in any sort of emergency we were all in a death trap!

On a lighter note....if you live next to the Galata Tower, please pull your curtains before you stand at the window in your underwear!!  (Can you see it?  It is kind of like a "Where's Waldo?")

Pictures from around the Tower ledge....

Ahhh...evening in Istanbul.  The moon couldn't have been more perfect!!

We had dinner at this GREAT restaurant (Aloran).  This was my flaming was AMAZING!!

Hope you enjoyed a little tour of Istanbul.  There will be some more images in the next few days of the rest of the trip!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Little Ones: Jed at Three Months {Tacoma Baby Photography}

They came to see me again!!  This little guy and his family came over from Eastern Washington and let me take his three month pictures!!  As is the case here in the Pacific Northwest in the winter, we used what little light we had outside and then headed inside to get the rest of the pictures!!

Big brother, Elliot, spent some of the time playing checkers with a nativity set I had.  I just had to get a picture of it!!

Love these two little boys!!

Thanks B Family!!  So good to photograph you all again!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Let's Play: The S Family {Tacoma Family Photography}

Lately, I've been reminding people that photography isn't always about getting that "perfect" picture.   It is about capturing the part of the story we are all living in...right here, right now.  
And for families...someday your kids will be old enough that everyone will sit nicely for a distinguished portrait, but for now, we get movement, giggles, and true works of art!!

Oh...I LOVE families who will play with me!!  

{Wouldn't we all like to know what he said to her???}

Who is better Superman than dad??

Proof that no one is too old to have fun with what is right in front of them...or behind them!!

A little dance party....

And the finale of a cup of coffee!!

Thanks S Family!!  You ROCK!!!