Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Day Made for Playing {Tacoma Family Photography}

This is a family that LOVES to play and has fun together!  I was the photographer who got to capture all that fun...and I am so grateful for that!  As the first family of 2012, these guys started my year off right!

I always think photographing feet is a good idea.  It is metaphorical for the journeys that we will take this year - the paths we will be called to walk down.  I like that at the beginning of the year, all the family can stand together on a common path!

M, K, and C are some beautiful kids!

I so love capturing a family that just likes being together.  I love brothers that just squeeze their sisters, sisters who make silly faces, dads who wrestle with their sons, and older siblings who jump off structures with almost as much enthusiasm as their little sisters!!

These are the two adult-age kids responsible for this motley crew!  Not only do they have quick laughs, but they have an incredibly deep faith as well.

After a few serious group shots, we got into a little arm wrestling match.  Trying to see who was the strongest....

Dad won....pretty sure K cheated (not sure you are supposed to use TWO hands!!)...but M swept them all up and her smile proves it!

C is shipping off to the Army next week...I am sure there is much pride and sadness in the house right now.  Thanks for serving your country, C!!

But before he left, we had to get him having a little fun with his sisters....

Thank you M Family, for gracing my camera!  It was a pleasure to photograph you!  May you always hang on to each other, even when you are miles apart!

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Erin McFarland said...

really loved how you captured this family Tara!! You can just feel the love and connection between them!