Sunday, January 1, 2012

Family Gathering {Sammamish Family Photography}

Sometimes in the Pacific Northwest, the weather does not cooperate, but the pictures need to be taken because all the family is gathered in one spot for the only time of the year!  I had the privilege of hanging out with this fun family the other day.

These two started it all...

...then they just started adding and adding...

....until the family was complete!

(I have to say that I have an affinity for the littlest members of families...they just give me great material to work with!)

There is nothing better than grandparents with grandkids!

OK...remember when I said that little ones are fun to photograph?  Well, I just couldn't resist...little Miss E was just precious!!

(Of course, her mom is pretty gorgeous too!)

Love the hats, ladies!!  

It was a pleasure to photograph you D Family!!  I hope your family gathering was filled with lots of laughter and love!!

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Kelly said...

So glad you got to do photos of another branch of the Billington family. Your photos of miss Elsie are darling!!!