Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kiss Me: Carrie and Jake {Tacoma...but really Juneau...Engagement Photography}

Have you ever met people you just instantly liked?  A couple who you knew in your heart were great people, even though you had only known them for all of about 5 minutes?  That is exactly how I felt about Carrie and Jake...I just really liked them!!

These two flew down from Juneau...yes, Alaska....for their engagement session!  The sun was out, it was unseasonably warm (can you say a roasting 60 degrees?!?!), and before me were two of the most fun people I have ever met!!

Didn't I tell you they were fun??  OK...and romantic too...

....and I happen to think Carrie is just drop dead gorgeous!!  (I am totally sure Jake agrees with me!)

The only instruction I gave them was *dance* and this is what I got!  These two are a photographer's dream come true, or at least this photographer's dream!!  They were so FUN!!!

Although I am sure Jake would have rather had his picture taken hunting or fishing, he was game to do what I asked.  But I felt bad asking him to hang out in the urban setting the entire time, so we headed down to the waterfront for a little more natural surroundings!  Sorry though fishing!

This may be my favorite picture of all!!!

Carrie and Jake, it was an absolute pleasure to photograph you two!  My camera and I are thrilled to be invited to the wedding in June!!

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