Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Playing in Mexico {travel photography}

Our family spent last week in the Riviera Maya in Mexico...and boy, did we have fun!!  If you'd like to come along on our little adventure, I'd love to share a few pictures with you.

We stayed at the Dreams Resort in Tulum - which, by the way, was FABULOUS!!  Each morning greeted us with a little sunrise a little like this.

Ahhh...80 degrees!!  (I think it is an irony that I was born above the 49th parallel, but I am so much more of an equator girl!!)  I really do love warm weather!!

We headed out on a couple of excursions while we were there.  The first was to the ruins of Tulum.

Once a great Mayan city, it is now an archaeological site inhabited by lots of these cute little guys!

(The picture on the left is the view UP El Castillo and the view on the right is the view DOWN from El Castillo.  I totally understand why they built the pyramid in that location!!  I would too!

On the same excursion we went repelling, zip lining and swimming in a cenote.  So much fun!!!

(The ceiling of the cenote...)

Our son, unfortunately, got bit in the ear by a horsefly (we think!).  It was not the most fun part of the trip...nor was trying to find Benedryl at a pharmacy.  My advice...when you travel internationally, bring lots of different "just-in-case" medications with you!!

The wind was pretty strong and was creating lots of waves while we were there, but we did get one day of snorkeling in!  I have decided that underwater pictures are not the most attractive environment people can be photographed in!  (I am not even sure what sot of face I am making!!)

Even though we couldn't snorkel after that day, we had lots of fun in the water!!

And, of course, we were VERY diligent about doing our homework too!!  (Just in case any teachers are reading this!!)

Since we were so close to Chichen Itza, we knew we had to take a trip out to see this one of seven wonders of the modern wold.  It really was amazing, especially to realize how much history happened in the area we were now walking in.

Luc standing in front of the pyramid in Chichen Itza....it is a massive structure!

Evidently the Mayan people really liked snakes!!

Just look how culturally mature my children are!!  We go all the way to Mexico to learn about the Mayan history, and they want to pick a nose and kiss!!

This was a deep, deep cenote!  My boys went down to flaunt their bravery by jumping off the edge.  Us girls stayed at the top and cheered them on!

The beach had so many treasure on it!!  (These pictures were taken with the new point-and-shoot....I LOVE the one on the right!!  Just before the wave crashed up over me!!)

Shall I take a moment for a picture taking lesson?  OK...always, always, always take the picture from different angles.  A bottle found on the beach is not super exciting from this angle....

...but from this angle, it is MUCH more interesting....

and then, even closer!!

I love how just a handful of days ago I posted a picture of all of us bundled up in snow gear.  Oh how I love planes to fly south in!!  

My children...enough said.

One of my favorite pictures from our time.  The morning from one side of the hotel....

....and the nighttime from another side.

All I can say is that I am praying for a chance to return before too long....It was really, really tough to get on the plane that took us home!!

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