Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Measure of a Man {Port Ludlow Family Photography}

How do you calculate the measure of a man?  

Is it by his years of selfless service in the fire department? 

 Is it by his training and mentoring those younger than him to be safe and prepared on the job?

Is it by the way he so does not like to be the center of attention, but everyone knows life is better because he is there in the background?

Or is it by the love and joy he has brought into this world to his children, grandchildren and wife?

I had the privilege of photographing this beautiful, big family the other day on the occasion of this Giant-of-a-man's retiring from 34 years of service with the fire department.  First of all, in today's economy, 34 years at any job is commendable and speaks to loyalty and passion.  But 34 years as a firefighter speaks to courage, selflessness, and deep conviction.

And then of course, this mob of people speak to all those qualities brought home and lived out in family life too!

(So I had to sneak in one of grandma too!!)

Thank you Giant-of-a-man!  Your hard work and dedication are an inspiration to us all!  Your humility and selflessness remind us what we are all called to.

You are deeply loved.  But....you probably already know that!

Thank you K family, for a chance to hang out for an afternoon and celebrate this guy!

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Korey Kier said...

Great Pictures Thank you!!