Saturday, March 10, 2012

Newest Addition {Tacoma Baby Photography}

Some friends of mine just had their second child - another sweet little baby girl.  I missed them at the hospital, but made my way to their house as soon as I could to capture this fresh, new falling in love!!

Big sister greeted me with enthusiasm and kept my shutter clicking while Mom fed little sister!  She showed me how she takes care of her special bunny...just like taking care of "her baby"!

And then of course, we got Dad in the mix of fun!

I love family pictures with toddlers!!  When you are 2 and a half, you sometimes have your own ideas about photo sessions!!

Of course, big sister wanted to show me how she could hold little sister.  She did a great job...kissing her baby, ticking her feet...but then she took a peek under the blanket.

Her question was, "What is that?"  To which she decided the answer was "poop" and she was done holding her little sister!!

Then it was just time for the newest addition to be photographed all by herself.  She had a tough time going to sleep with all the excitement!!

Thanks D Family!!  You make VERY cute babies!!
(By the way....there are a few more on the Red Thread Images Facebook page!!)


Heather spence said...

Beautiful! love, love, love. you take lovely photos, tara.

Julie Davison said...

Absolutely beautiful! <3

Erin McFarland said...

aw, what a sweet new addition! she's beautiful Lisa! great job capturing them Tara!

Tara Malouf said...

Thanks for the compliments! I love getting to photograph sweet family moments...and when a baby is involved, it is even sweeter!