Thursday, April 26, 2012

Class of 2012: Jessi {Federal Way Senior Photography}

She moves like a natural in front of the camera.  I assume it is because she is a dancer...or maybe that I've photographed her a handful of times before.  Either way, Jessi is just plain stunning!!  (And she is another amazing member of the Class of 2012.)

Gotta love a girl with a sense of humor...she is wrestling an alligator (on the left) and we came across this car (on the right).  Do not animals or cars were hurt in the making of these images!!

My favorite from our session!!  

Thanks Jessi!!  I always like photographing you!!  Remember me when you are famous!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Breathe {inspiration for Wednesdays}

I have developed this bad habit.  I could blame it on long dark winters.  I could use the excuse that the majority of my days are spent under gray, overcast skies that often leak down raindrops.  I am sure I could blame a number of things...but I won't.  The truth is, it is of my choosing.  And if it is going to be undone, I will need to change this habit.

I have become grumpy.  Sometimes, I think my native tongue is called "complain-mouth".  I am really good at seeing what is wrong with the situation in front of me.  I furrow my brow and my lips remain pinched in a flat line.  I forget to laugh.  There...I've said it.  (Now doesn't that entice you to spend time with me??)

Mother Teresa was once approached by a big group of professors from the United States.  "Tell us something that will help us," they said.  And she said to them, "Smile at each other."

Smile at each other...

Smile at each other....

A smile changes everything doesn't it?  When I smile in the middle of my bad habit (see above), it causes the gremlins of that habit to scatter and run for cover.  Smiling spreads a sunshine first in my soul and then to those around me.  Smiling is such a little gesture, needing no great effort, but reaps massive rewards.

However, the truth is, I don't often smile at other people.  I forget to smile at my kids...instead, I shout orders at them.  I don't smile at people in the grocery store...I have learned not to make eye contact.  I don't even smile at myself in the mirror...for lots of reasons!  

But is is possible that this little action - a smile - could begin to change my grumpiness habit?  Just moving the muscles around my mouth somehow change the attitude of my heart.  AND when I choose to smile at another, I see them differently, almost in a much more tender and rejoicing way.  (I guess smiling changes my eyes too!)

So I'd like to start a new habit...hopefully to replace the old one.  I want to smile more.  Smile at my family, smile at myself, smile at the situation in front of me, smile at other people, and smile at the future!  Want to join me in this new habit??  (I am quite sure some of you are already way ahead of me on this journey!)

Breathe, smile and go slowly.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On the Move {Tacoma Family Photography}

My philosophy in photographing families can be summed up in one word:  PLAY.  As a mom, it is in the middle of the giggles, snuggles, running, and silliness that I wish I had a photographer standing by taking pictures.  Because PLAY is real life when you have kids.  It is not extra, or pretend....and don't we always need our kids to remind us of that?

I got to PLAY with this family yesterday!!  (And we rejoiced because we have been trying to get this session together since February!!)  Enjoy these images...and may you be inspired to PLAY today!!

{Yes, they run away...but kiddos do tend to return!}

Quite a jumper at two!!

My favorite image of the whole session!!  

Sure, it is fun to play on the playground all by yourself...but how much more fun to get the parents involved in a game of hide-and-seek??

Thanks L Family!!  It was fun to watch you PLAY!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Class of 2012: Morgan {Enumclaw Senior Photography}

Yeah for beautiful days!!  And YEAH for the Class of 2012!!  Meet Morgan...both beautiful and part of this great class!!

Morgan's boyfriend came of course, we had to snap a few images!!

Way to go Morgan!!   You are gorgeous...and I wish you all the best in the future!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just a Second {Wedding Photography}

Every once in a while, a friend from Phoenix will call and offer me a plane ticket.  We will plan to have at least one day where we grab our cameras and have some fun!  We make it a full day of playing, laughing, figuring out the best angles, even having a little bite to eat.  Oh yeah....there is a bride and groom {and whole wedding party} who also happen to join the fun of our day!

Last weekend I got to second shoot for a good friend of mine...Erin McFarland.  She is talented and amazing...and if you are in the Phoenix area, you should check her out!  (And if you book her for a wedding, you should also ask for her second shooter from Seattle!!!)

Just a few images to tell a bit of the story.  It was really just fun to hang out with Erin!! And if you are in the Phoenix area, make sure you check out her website!!