Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just a Second {Wedding Photography}

Every once in a while, a friend from Phoenix will call and offer me a plane ticket.  We will plan to have at least one day where we grab our cameras and have some fun!  We make it a full day of playing, laughing, figuring out the best angles, even having a little bite to eat.  Oh yeah....there is a bride and groom {and whole wedding party} who also happen to join the fun of our day!

Last weekend I got to second shoot for a good friend of mine...Erin McFarland.  She is talented and amazing...and if you are in the Phoenix area, you should check her out!  (And if you book her for a wedding, you should also ask for her second shooter from Seattle!!!)

Just a few images to tell a bit of the story.  It was really just fun to hang out with Erin!! And if you are in the Phoenix area, make sure you check out her website!!

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