Monday, April 2, 2012

Kiss Me: Katie and Colin {Seattle Engagement Photography}

Once upon a time, a little girl and a little boy met.  They were seven.  Of course, at seven, they didn't know it yet, but there was already that invisible red thread between them...their lives were already connected.

That boy and girl would see each other at church and their families knew one another, but they would both eventually attend that magical school called Hogwarts where they would finally start to date.  (OK, so I've stretched the fairy tale a little.  They didn't go to Hogwarts...some places on the UW campus just happen to look like Hogwarts!)

That now-older boy cast a magic spell over that now-older girl and they fell in love.  Or maybe she just fell in love with his dancing??

Either way, there was a point at which they were getting on with their own lives, when all of a sudden...boy notices girl...and then girl notices boy!!

Even if they do have different tastes in literature!

They have fallen in love and the fairy tale will continue with a wedding in August!  (Which I am honored to capture with my camera...and which you'll have to come back to hear some more of the story.)

And just to think...all this because two kids met when they were seven.

Katie and Colin, it was wonderful to spend time with you two the other day!  Thanks for the tour of Hogwarts (er...UW)!!
There are a few more on the Red Thread Images Facebook page....enjoy!!

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