Saturday, May 12, 2012

Class of 2012: Kylai {Puyallup Senior Photography}

Athletic, smart, and super is Kylai!!  

You'd never know it, but the weather was not super cooperative during the session.  It was chillier than it was supposed to be..but Kylai just thought warm thoughts and looked like she was being photographed in California!  AND we played a little dodging with the rain, running for cover when it decided to come down.  Kylai is a true Northwest girl...the rain didn't even phase her and she said she didn't even mind being photographed in it!!

(This is her fierce look!!  I am sure many a volleyball opponent has seen this!  Am I allowed to say, in this same group of sentences, that I absolutely LOVE this dress!?!)

Thanks Kylai for being so fun to photograph!  I wish you all the best into your future!!

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