Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kiss Me: Abi and Lucky {Seattle Engagement Photography}

I have a feeling we should have taken Abi and Lucky's engagement pictures at an airport, since there is no absence of airplanes in their lives!!  She resides in Connecticut; he is here in Seattle, and they are getting married in December in Lagos, Nigeria.  Whew!  Those are a lot of air miles to accumulate!

However...I got to hang out with them both {in the same place!!} last Saturday, and I couldn't have been more thrilled.  They are a beautiful couple, full of faith and lots of adventure in their future!

The last time they were together was February.  They say distance makes the heart grow fonder...I don't know about that, but distance sure does make the images for an engagement shoot more tender, sweet and full of laughter!

Abi is not only smart and so easy to hang out with, she also has great taste in shoes!  {A trait every girl knows is the mark of amazingness!}

I couldn't resist....

{Once again...the shoes!!!}

Evidently, they have a bit of a competitive streak in them also.  Football (soccer for us North Americans!) is the sport of choice...and they don't agree on the same team!

Abi and Lucky, I wish you the best!!  I had so much fun with you and I so wish I was going to be at the wedding!!  {Did I mention I work for travel?? :) }


Busola said...

AWWW! You guys are so cute! Love every single frame! Great outfit choices, beautiful emotions and great shots!

Taiwo said...

oh boy!! Best wishes to you guys...

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics,amazing shots,best wishes to you and abi. May God grant you both good-health and longlife. Congratulations.