Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kiss Me: Jessica and Jayme {Tacoma Engagement Photography}

These two are creative...one is a budding photographer, the other a graphic artist.  These two are imaginative....they are having a themed wedding (but I'm not telling until August!!).  AND these two are really fun...or maybe they just went along with all my ideas (which makes them fun, right?)  Either way, they are getting married and we needed to document a bit of their engagement love!

(I couldn't resist!!  I know I used this in a previous session, but when we went to the steps, the words were still there...and they seem to fit!)

There was a band playing in a nearby studio which gave them some music to dance (and kiss) by!

So we headed into the COOLEST clothing shop...I love the reflection above and think the picture below is AMAZING!!

Halfway through Jessica slipped on this darling vintage dress...and did a superb job of looking fabulous!!

Loved this whole series...so you get to see them all!

It was awesome getting to spend a couple hours with you, Jessica and Jayme!  I can't wait for your wedding in August!!

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