Friday, May 18, 2012

The Sweetest Girl I Know {Tacoma Portrait Photography}

One of the perks of being a photographer is that when I am paying attention, I get some great shots of my kids!  My 15 year old enthusiastic, dramatic, absolutely fabulous girl wanted a little photo session the other evening and we headed into downtown Tacoma for some fun.  The results are stunning....

Though most of the session was M's idea (she told me what she wanted and I photographed it), I did have a couple of pictures in mind.  I wanted her with Pooh Bear...I am pretty sure a set of these images will be going on our wall!!

The thing I love about this girl is that she is both deep and totally fun and giggly!!  She lives life to the full.  In fact I used to tell people that the rest of us just hear things, she hears it in Dolby Surround Sound...and while the rest of us only see color, she sees in Technicolor!!  

Headed into an antique shop for the rest of the session....

A special thanks to Rampizi's for letting us come in and use the furniture!  (They are located on Broadway and about 7th St. in Tacoma, by the way!!)  Check them is one of the coolest stores EVER!!

Thanks Miss M...for this fun photo shoot AND for 15 years of joy!!

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