Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Breathe {inspiration for Wednesdays}

There are knots in my right shoulder that will only ease out with a little relaxation and a lot of unplugging!  Taking a step back from computer life for a bit...see you soon!
{Happy summer!!!}

Breathe, smile and go slowly!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pretty in Pink {Federal Way Child Photography}

This sweet little girl and her mom came over to my house yesterday for a quick little photo session.  I have been wanting to photograph her for a you will see why!!

 {LOVE this image below!!!}

I think she is in need of some new shoes!!  She has already had enough adventures to wear this pair out!

 OK...I am not sure they get any cuter than this!  I could seriously just squeeze and kiss her all day long!!  (Not that she would let me, because she has FAR too many things to do and see!)

Thank you Miss A (and mom) for coming to play for a handful of minutes at my house!!  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Marry Me: Katy and James {Tacoma Wedding Photography}

Sunday was a fabulous day for a wedding!  And Katy and James put on quite the event!  A little vintage mixed with a little high tea, set on the backdrop of an real Elizabethan manor, it had all the makings to be picture perfect!  Grab a cup of coffee (because there are a lot of pictures!), and join me for a re-telling of the story of the day!

Getting ready....

{simply because fabulous shoes MUST have their own picture!!}

Both the wedding and reception took place at Thornewood Castle in Tacoma.  (The castle is a 500 year old castle purchased in England, dismantled, and shipped brick by brick to its current residence!  Read the is amazing!)   Photographing Katy and James in this venue, I felt transported back in time.

Now, I know some bride's care more about details than others, but Katy's details were meticulous!  She stayed true to the theme of the wedding - from her vintage dress, to her lovely fastener in her hair, to the great jewelry, and even to the six-pence in her shoe!

I must, at this point, give a little explanation in the unfolding of the day.  While everyone was getting ready, we realized James had forgotten his shirt at home and there were no others that would do.  Someone was sent to get it, but it meant that our time line was getting messed up!  And what a lovely mistake it was!!  Since James wasn't ready, we made sure he didn't look out of any windows, and we got to photograph Katy in all her glory for about an hour!  The following images are amazing!!  At times, I am not sure what time period we are in!

I know I took the pictures, but Katy's beauty coupled with the beauty of the venue just take my breath away!!  Special thanks, by the way, to my friend Jenny Hoxworth for photographing the wedding with me!  Below is one she took....

We took Katy into the Secret Garden, and when she heard voices over the wall, she had to get up on a bench and see what was happening!!

Can you see James up in the window on the right?  Don't worry...we made sure he didn't look down!!

The shirt finally arrived, and it was James' turn to get ready.

First look.....


Bridal party....

There was a little joke at the reception that "what Katy wants, Katy gets". started to rain just after the bridal party pictures and I sent everyone inside to stay dry.  I knew Katy wanted to get married outside in the garden, but I was a little worried.  However, not totally sure how she did it, but Katy must have had a little discussion with those clouds, because they parted and the sun came out...just in time for a ceremony!!

The ceremony....

The reception...time for high tea....

I had to get a picture of all the fascinating ladies wearing their fasteners!!

{I think they look like they belong here!!  This is Katy and James, and puppies, at their summer cottage!!  OK, not really...but a girl can pretend, right??}

James has this wonderful old car....(the "something blue" of the wedding)...that they drove away in!

Katy and James, the day was FABULOUS!!  Thanks for inviting me to photograph your big day!!  It was an honor to be a guest at your wedding!!