Friday, June 15, 2012

Breathe {happy father's day!}

I have seen a lot of Supermen.

There is the dad I saw at the mall the other day...the one whose son is in a wheelchair, mentally disabled and unable to talk.  This young man was "working" at Aunt Annie's handing out samples from a table set up beside him.  For all intents and purposes, it was dad who was the employee, but he would insist he is just there to assist his son.  His son wanted to work and he - Superman - made it his goal to make that happen.

There is the dad who was laid off months ago and has taken a job in a slightly new field.  He - Superman - has been thrown into a steep learning curve while having to work the swing shift because it is the only thing available.  But he does it, without complaint, to take care of his family.  

How about the Superman who married a woman who already had children?  He chooses, though not flesh and blood, to love those kids and call them his own.  He willingly enters territory he inherited from someone else and works hard for the well being of those not genetically his (though "his" by love, for sure!).

Then there is the Superman who engages his kids over and over even when they treat him as though he didn't exist.  Even when they are so moody, he still teaches his teenager to drive and celebrates all her small victories.  He says no to what he would prefer to do in order to play video games to connect with his kids.  All for cultivating a relationship with them.

There are Supermen everywhere, who never get noticed, but stay true to their marriage vows, work hard, and pour out their lives for their family.  Those Supermen who lay aside their own dreams (and wants) to make others dreams and wants come true.  These Supermen often get overlooked because they have hung up their capes in order to pick up a wrench to fix the clogged garbage disposal.

While he still may be a man of steel, even better, each Superman dad is a man of courageous heart!  And for that there is a chorus of a million unspoken thank you's everyday.

I have seen a lot of Supermen.  For that I am so, so grateful!

I live with a Superman, and for that my life is rich in ways I may never even know.  So if you will excuse me now....I need to go kiss Superman!

Happy Father's Day!  
May we celebrate all of the Supermen in our lives!


David Malouf -- said...

What kind of tissue is used to dry the tears of a crying superman?!?

the not-super-feeling superman of the author

Erin McFarland said...

I love this. So thankful for the men that are truly superman in this world. Me and you are blessed gals to have our own incredible supermen :) xoxo