Monday, June 4, 2012

Jubilee!! {Tacoma Family Photography}

They say that the 50th wedding anniversary is a Golden Jubilee, and it should be!  Fifty years of love, family, forgiveness, tough times, good times, better and worse times, deserves a celebration like no other.  
This family did just that!  But they started off the jubilee weekend by letting me join them to capture some of their family fun!!

(Some of these have already been on the Red Thread Facebook page, but thought I'd put them in a full post with other pictures!)

These two above started it all...and the clan below is how they've multiplied.

LOVE the energy of grandkids!!

Dad decided it was really his time to shine and the photoshoot was about him.  Kids disagreed...nothing changes does it??? 

They did all eventually behave themselves!!

Thank you beautiful family for braving the cloudy skies and rain!!  It was a pleasure to photograph you!!

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