Monday, June 11, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake! {Tacoma Family Photography}

There was celebration in the air on Saturday!!  A little girl was turning one and her mama graduated from UW Tacoma!!  Lots of family and friends were in town to celebrate...and I got to capture a bit of the fun!!
(For those of you who were there, I am focusing on that sweet one year old.  There are lots of group/family shots coming your way soon!)

LOVE that pony tail!!!

Little Miss A and her sister!!

(This was her "Cinderella moment"!!)

Congratulations to mom!!  What an go through school while working full time, married and raising two kiddos!!  (And I am assuming having one of those kiddos in the middle of it all!!)  WOW!!

The best moments at a one year old party!!  Mom and Dad let us bring the cake outside....then we just watched to see what would happen....

Anyone want some frosting??

Thanks for inviting me to the party!! 

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