Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Expecting {Kirkland Maternity Photography}

I photographed TWO of them almost a year ago....the other day I got to photograph THREE!  (Well....the third one has not made his appearance yet, but I can't wait to meet him!!)  We went back to many of the places we did the engagement photos...how appropriate!!

Jenn is one of the most beautiful people I know.  I am pretty sure she cannot take a bad picture!

I think they are trying to compare the size of their bellies!!

Thanks Jenn and Justin!!  It is always fun to be with you two!!  Call me when that sweet little boy arrives and we'll continue the story...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Marry Me: Jackie and Aaron {Seattle Wedding Photography}

We left the clouds and rain to head over the pass and what would you know??  We found sunshine and some glorious weather just in time for an amazing wedding!!  My friend and co-photographer, Renee Bergmen, joined me in capturing the moments of Jackie and Aaron's big day...a big thanks to her!!  (If you live in San Francisco, hire her!!  She is amazing!!)

Well...as always...grab a cup of coffee and join me as we retell the story of another amazing wedding!!  (Because there are too many great parts to leave out, it means there are lots of pictures!)

Getting ready in Wenatchee...

You have to know you've picked the right bridesmaids when they will head out on the town with a head full of roller/clips? and find silk flowers for you to wear in your hair on your wedding day!!

The wedding took place at Silvara Vineyards in Leavenworth.  Just behind the venue was a group of little cottages in the middle of a pear orchard...perfect backdrop for a perfect day!!

It is always a privilege as a photographer to get to see the connections and relationships among the bridal party.  I love to hear how they know each other and how their friendships were formed.  I also think I have a pretty sweet job that I get to capture those connections with my camera!!

Jackie was simply stunning!!  I think someone should put her in a magazine!!

First look....

Once again....STUNNING!!!

There were these boxes all over the orchard that had different words and phrases on them.  Now, we know Jackie is not a gold digger, but it makes for a good wedding picture, don't you think???

Bridal party....of course, my camera pointed toward this little one's smile and vivaciousness.

{A little rest before the big event!!}

I cannot tell you how thrilled I was when I saw the table centerpieces!!  Jackie used the pictures from our engagement session to mark the tables!  She added her favorite "love quotes" underneath for a sweet touch.
I LOVE it when I get to see how images are used!!  Thank you, Jackie!!

The ceremony....

So....down below the winery, there is this farm, called Smallwood's Harvest.  Renee and I grabbed some lunch earlier in the day and we asked if their Sno Cone hut would consider staying open later than usual for Jackie and Aaron's bridal party.  (They said yes...which means, I think, that if you are in the Leavenworth area, you should head over there and enjoy all they have to offer!!  Fun for the whole family!!)  Thank you, Smallwood's Harvest!!

It was a great choice!  The day had been hot and this was a perfect refreshment before heading back up to the reception...plus it added a little more fun to the day!

Oh yeah....there was also a cow train there.  And well...who could resist??

The reception...

I LOVE this series!!  Watch the little girl in the pink dress...

So much fun!!  Lots of dancing...wine...and enjoying one another!!

Thanks Jackie and Aaron!!  After such a busy day, I hope you are enjoying a delightful rest on your honeymoon.  May you look back at your wedding day many years from now and find it makes you smile just as much as it did that day!!