Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kiss Me: Michael and Kevin {Sammamish Engagement Photography}

She is the most beautiful Michael I have ever met...and he agrees with me!  I thought we should do part of the session at a local emergency room because of his propensity for extreme sports (and getting hurt)...and she agrees with me! (But we didn't.)  They are getting married this Saturday...and they both agree on that!!

Each time we decided to get together, the weather was very uncooperative.  Now...less than 5 days before the wedding, the sun came out and we finally got to do the engagement session.  I am so glad we did!!  I had so much fun with these two!!

{below}...same picture, bottom one is just cropped.  Look at her fingers....

Of course, two can play at that game!!

We opted to NOT do any extreme sports (since I didn't want to be doing wedding pictures in a hospital) but thought it couldn't hurt to head down to the water to do a little fishing!

Look!!  They even caught something!!!  (Not that we were going to have it for dinner or anything!)

Thanks Michael and Kevin!!  I had a great time with you and am so looking forward to the wedding this weekend!!
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