Monday, July 16, 2012

Marry Me: Michael and Kevin {Seattle Wedding Photography}

Michael and Kevin's wedding was an amazing event!  It was filled with lots of joy, family heirlooms, friends and laughter.  It was an honor and privilege to get to be there to capture the story of the day as it unfolded.

It is rare that I get to hang out with the guys first thing in the day.  Maybe Michael just wanted the goings on caught in images, so she wouldn't miss out on anything!!

Kevin has such a hearty laugh and great smile!  I loved to watch him all through the day responding to family, friends and his beautiful bride with his big grin.

The ceremony took place at the home of Michael's mom and it couldn't have been more beautiful!!  Michael's dad passed away recently and I know they wanted to have a sense of his presence by being in the home and backyard that he spent so much time on.  I don't know about anyone else, but I felt his smile over the whole day!  

Michael and Kevin used lots of family heirlooms in the wedding preparations.  Something Old was her engagement ring which belonged to Kevin's great-grandma (did I get that right??);  Something New was her dress; Something Borrowed were two necklaces borrowed from her aunt and Something Blue was the earrings Kevin had given her.  
{Kevin had a handkerchief in his pocket that belonged to his grand father.}

I always love a First Look.  I like to watch how a groom responds when he sees his beautiful bride for the first time.  We did their first look under the apple tree in mom's front yard...

I just love watching these two with each other!!

The flowers were AMAZING!!!  But not quite as cute as these two little ones...

...during the ceremony these two {above} were super diligent to only drop one petal at a time.  They took their job very seriously.  However, I think they found the rest of the ceremony a little boring and took to entertaining themselves by throwing the rest of the petals in their basket up in the air on themselves!!  (picture right middle)

After the ceremony there was champagne toast, a special gift given from some friends....and celebration as the marriage license was signed to make it OFFICIAL!!!

Michael and Kevin took off in her dad's old Porsche....while also donning dad's old '88 Ray Bans (great year for Ray Bans!!!)

Maybe they were hungry.  Maybe they just needed a little break together before the busyness of the reception.  Maybe they told me they LOVE Dick's and maybe I mentioned stopping there to get some unique-to-them wedding pictures.  Whatever the reason....I am so glad we did!!

Reception took place at....well, you can figure that out!!

Instead of cake, Michael and Kevin each had their mom's make a pie.  Apple from Michael's mom, chocolate cream from Kevin's.  Love that whipped cream!!!

There are too many wonderful pictures from the reception to post...but you can check out a few more on the Red Thread Images Facebook Page.  (You can "like" us too!!)
All I can say is that it was a wonderful, wonderful celebration of two families coming together in this amazing couple.

Michael and Kevin, it was a privilege to be at your wedding!  Thank you for the opportunity!!

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