Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Family's Work is to Play {Seattle Family Photography}

Every once in a while I have a family shoot that goes so smoothly that after a handful of minutes so many great images have been captured, I wonder if there is really any more to do.  Of course, then we really start to play....and capture the work of a family!!

The D Family was one of those families.  Their littlest one broke out in the biggest grin the moment he saw my camera, and the session just flowed from there!

{Can I say that I love 2...the age, that is?  There are so many great facial expressions, and so much curiosity to be documented and remembered!!}

Headed to the park.....

I think I will name this picture "Courage".  
K was not really sure he wanted to go down the slide...but he took a deep breath, let go, and did it anyway!!

OK...hands down, these were my favorite moments of the our time together.  Who knew you could have so much fun at a water fountain??

{Of course, little brother wanted in on some of the fun!}

Thanks D Family!!  I had such a wonderful time with you!  Your boys are just amazing!!

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