Monday, August 20, 2012

Life is Art {Auburn Family Photography}

I have photographed this amazing family before and, as in the past, this session was full of love, craziness and laughter!!  As I have been going through the images, I am more convinced that real life makes the best art!!  Thanks for letting me hang out with you once again, O Family!!

It all starts with these two below.  There is a sweetness to the two of them that is infused through this whole family...and there is a bit of silly-fun to them that everyone else has adopted too!!

The last time I did a family session with them, there were only six of, dad, three daughters, and a husband to one of those daughters.  This time, there was an extra set of feet, hands, and eyes in the form of a fabulous two year old....and there is another sweet, crazy, silly member of the family on the way!

Of course, when you are two, a photographer doesn't hold your attention span for long.  Good thing for an Auntie who knows how to blow bubbles!!

And for men who bring out baseball bats!!

And for a Grandma who teaches how to blow dandelions.

Not wanting to leave the big kids out...since the center of attention has shifted away from them onto all that two year old sweetness!  (I love how much fun they all have together!!)

Of course, when you are two...and a grandpa...a photographer doesn't hold your attention for long!!  It was time to put on the shorts and do a little snail hunting!

Thank you O Family!!  It is always a pleasure to play hang out with you!!  There are so many more fabulous shots, but you'll have to wait for your CD!!

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