Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Sweetness {Woodinville Baby Photography}

I spent some time with this new family the other day.  This little bundle of sweetness...they call her Olivia...arrived five days ago and I got to photograph her in her freshness!!

I think it is always funny how babies tend to be wide awake around my camera!!  But I love her sweet eyes....and those are great lips too!!

Oh...let's just say that all baby body parts are amazing!! 

{I already posted this on FB, but it was so cute, I thought it should be here too!}

Olivia's mom bought the sweetest little wraps and headbands!!

Congratulations Jen and Cam!!  Your sweet little girl couldn't be any cuter!  Thanks for letting me hang out with you the other day!

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Anonymous said...

Those are some inspiring pictures! New life, proud parents (OK, really proud parents!), creative photography...I'm going to really enjoy the rest of this week with a boost like that!
Thanks for sharing this little pocket of life.