Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Watching Them Grow {Tacoma Family Photography}

What can I say about this family??  I have photographed them so many times!  They came to me as a co-worker of a friend, but now I feel like they are almost members of my own family!  I love being with them...I love getting to watch their little guy grow...I look forward to meeting their next little, I love that they are adventurous and will participate in some "out of the ordinary" places for family photo sessions!!

Baby number two is on the way.  I asked his big brother, E, what the baby's name is.  His answer?  Goose.
Well, Goose, I am excited to meet you!!

Mom wanted lots of color in the pictures.  We found A LOT...then added some more of our own!!

We have a picture like this from their last pregnancy....

....but, of course, life has changed the picture a little!!!

At the end of the session, we headed to a local spraypark.  I love kids and water in the summertime!!

Thanks again, B Family!!  What can I say??  I always have a great time with you!

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